The Game Zones

The Game Zones throughout our venue are not only expertly designed, but clean, tidy and above all, safe. They are painstakingly constructed and maintained in line with our ongoing woodland management plan, with thousands of man hours dedicated to maximising your enjoyment.

Milirary Convoy

Your military convoy has ground to a halt. Your enemy are hot in pursuit. Should you defend your vehicles or abandon them to the enemy and run to safety? What’s your strategy?

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Bamboo Village

Your top general is being interrogated by your enemy in one of the many bamboo huts. Your team must find him and place him in the gun boat to secure his rescue.

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Jet Fighter

The enemy’s Hawker Hunter Jet Plane has landed to refuel. It’s the perfect time to destroy the jet while it’s grounded. 15 minutes ‘till take off. Don’t miss the opportunity.

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Helicopter Assault

Your Sikorsky helicopter has fallen into enemy hands. Your only means of escape from the battlefield is to re-capture it from the opposition.

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Radar Ridge

Intelligence reports show the position of an enemy radar. It must be destroyed at all costs! Can you infiltrate this area and destroy this key piece of equipment?

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The Bridge

Your team are required for a suicide mission! There is a heavily-defended, 100 ft. long, two-storey bridge that must be destroyed. Can your team navigate the defences and reach the centre of the bridge?

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